Treat Yourself To A Vacation Rental At The Foot Of The Carpathian Mountains In Transylvania Romania

We offer you six vacation rentals for a special break in ancient Transylvania, located in and around the pastoral village of Vale, right at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. On the one hand far away from the heartbeat of time, on the other hand just around the corner from Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture 2007. A good choice for foodies who want to spice up their experience with a pinch of Romanian tradition.

The cottages are situated in the loosely built part or at the edge of the village, in an peaceful spot, without through traffic, and surrounded by healthy mixed forest. During eight years we’ve given them a complete overhaul or built them from scratch. With attention to detail all along, with respect for the traditional local style, but also with an eye for modern building materials and contemporary living needs. Today, each vacation home is an oasis of wellbeing, distinctive and special in a place which – we hope – will be bypassed by the world’s hustle for a long time to come.

We accommodate 1 to 32 people in 6 different houses. On request we provide free pickup from Sibiu airport or train station, a rental car, bicycles, or village products. Traditional menus are also available from the best cook this side of the Carpathians.

A total of 12 rooms are endowed with double beds, Wi-Fi internet access, TV (Astra satellite), and plants. The villas feature a garden and living room with a fireplace, and all the houses provide a kitchen fully equipped for self-catering as well as 1 – 4 bathrooms, a washing machine, and at least one terrace. The interior was selected with great care including sanitary installations, kitchen utensils, mattresses and linen. All of the furniture, windows, doors and stairs were consistently made to measure. The (mostly solar-assisted) central heating facilities are powered by water-bearing chimneys, tiled stoves or gas heaters.

The village of Vale is nestled between wooded mountains overlooking the Transylvanian plain. A tarmac road touches on the village, but afterwards it goes only up into the mountains. Therefore, traditional structures and straightforward hospitality still hold up in Vale. Horses, cows and goats continue being part of the village landscape, and the breath of the past can be felt in every nook and cranny here.

Some say that this country appears frozen in time. The culture seems to be stunningly alien, and nature is unique and untouched. Maybe you’ll sense the charm of the extraordinary, perceiving what life was like before it was run over by the advance of civilization. Until then, have a look around. Take a break and treat yourself to a place where unspoiled nature meets history and traditions.

When you search for “holiday rentals near me” for holidays in Transylvania, Romania, you’re looking for more than just a place to rest your head; you’re embarking on an immersive adventure into the heart of a land where history, nature, and cultural authenticity converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Our holiday homes serve as an ideal starting point for your adventures in all directions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich history of this region while surrounded by ancient walls. Contrary to the mythological tales of bloodsucking vampires and political upheavals, the people of this country are warm and welcoming, particularly to visitors who show them respect. The deep-rooted respect extends to guests, especially Germans, as this area has been inhabited by Saxon citizens for a millennium.

Sibiu-Hermannstadt, a town founded in 1150 by German-Flemish settlers, is a mere 30-minute drive away. It remains a vibrant hub of cultural diversity. Within its medieval fortifications lies an old town adorned with historic streets, charming restaurants, cafés, and bars, some of which are nestled in vaulted cellars and secluded courtyards. During the summer months, the city opens its arms to visitors, hosting theater performances, cabarets, open-air concerts, and exhibitions showcasing local craftsmanship at its central square.

Transylvania boasts a landscape dotted with historic fortified churches, castles, ruins, abandoned Roman mines, and rustic caves. It is a realm where wandering traders and traditional farming markets stand firmly against the tide of supermarket culture. Every small town hosts such a market, where you can procure fresh cow’s milk, garden-fresh vegetables, honey, sheep cheese, and sometimes even medicinal herbs. The tomatoes offered by local farmers’ wives not only look distinct from those found in supermarkets but also deliver a unique and exquisite taste. Book an apartment for holiday rental in Transylvania, Romania today.

A Day Trip to Transalpina

A day trip to Transalpina is a must-see when exploring Romania. Known as the highest route crossing the Carpathian Mountains, Transalpina offers a unique adventure. It stands as the loftiest driving path through the Carpathians, located just a stone's throw away from the charming village of Vale. Originally engineered by the Romans during their campaign against the Dacians, it had faded into obscurity over the centuries, only to reemerge today as one of Europe's most exceptional mountain regions. Beyond its breathtaking heights lies the southern climate zone of Wallachia, leading you through the picturesque Olt River valley, the sole north-south passage across the Carpathians. Those who rush past this remarkable landscape are missing out.

The Shepherd Village of Vale: Your Gateway to Transylvania's Timeless Beauty and Tradition

Book a private holiday home in Romania for your Transylvanian getaway, situated amidst the natural splendor of Transylvania near Sibiu. Nestled on the forested slopes, this village offers a serene view of the valley. While it maintains a tranquil distance from the bustling highway, which swiftly connects you to all the treasures of Transylvania, an asphalt road lightly brushes against the village.

However, the majority of its paths are still paved with enduring stone, preserving the timeless charm and warm hospitality that resists the relentless march of modernity. In this pastoral setting, you’ll encounter feathered companions, sturdy horses, and spirited goats, while local farmers diligently cultivate potatoes, maize, and a bounty of vegetables to see them through the winter months.

As you sit on the mountainside overlooking the village, gazing across the expansive valley, you’ll find yourself transported to bygone eras. Here, the whispers of yesteryears still linger around every corner. Take a moment to contemplate the thoughts that must have ascended these hills in times past, and you’ll be captivated by the timeless allure of this place. Choose one of our vacation rentals in Transylvania, Romania today.