Nina Lewis and Evolve with horse coaching

What Evolve with horse
coaching do

Evolve with horse coaching development by myself, Nina Lewis based on enhancing partnership
with horse and self-development for individual.

Horses have an incredible ability to interpret human emotions and energy, which offers self-awareness
opportunities and personal growth.

I incorporate self-development in coaching sessions enhancing performance for riders and partnership with

I also offer equine-assisted learning and wellness workshops, these engaging sessions with individuals
offer opportunities for self-awareness and development with the assistance of my beautiful horses.

What Nina Lewis offers through Evolve with horse coaching

Nestled in the small township of Glenrowan, North-east Victoria. Nina offers a range of equine
coaching sessions, from horse riding – showjumping coaching sessions to enhance partnership between
horse and rider to a range of equine-facilitated learning programs to support self-awareness, and personal
and professional development

The EFL programs involve Nina’s intuitive and gentle horses, facilitating individuals to explore self-
awareness for well-being, growth, and balance in their lives.

Special holiday and clinic programs conducted by Nina Lewis

Throughout the year a range of special programs from horse jumping coaching to equine wellness
workshops conducted for individuals as an opportunity to enhance self-awareness, through fostering a
unique bond between individual and equine.

Virtual online webinars, education and information videos are also conducted to enhance learning.
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Nina supports individuals through her jumping coaching sessions to optimise their show jumping performance and partnership with horse.

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Jumping private session coaching

45 Min     |     $75

Jumping private session coaching

45 Min     |     $75

Jumping private session coaching

45 Min     |     $75


To find a platform of understanding between horse and rider is like creating a formula. Utilising my lifetime of experience as a jumping rider, coach, trainer and course designer, I specialise in supporting riders and their horses develop a formula for success with their jumping partnership.


Nina Lewis

& Evolve With Horse Coaching

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Nina Lewis


My passion for coaching extends over 30 years. My competition background evolved through show jumping, training horses from early education through to the competition arena, and has taken me on a journey training horses in Europe and extending to roles in Course Design, Coaching riders as an NCAS EA Level 1 Coach and Head Educator for TAFE Equine Studies program.

My passion is with coaching, education and horses; working in the performance horse industry and enhancing my knowledge of Equine Facilitated Learning has evolved my relationship with horses as teachers about ourselves.


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Nina Lewis

For enquiries including training days, clinic and club coaching please

email : nina@evolvewithhorsecoaching.com.au